Oxford University Hackathon

Contributors: Konor Abrahams, Stephanie Conner, Ethan Lewis, Malcolm Mckee & Shaelyn Miller

The Task: Create new branding, marketing assets and website for Oxford Universities Hackathon using historical references and school colours.

The Solution: Through research we found that the iconic dome of the library could be represented simply by removing the lower half of the “O” in Oxford. This ties together the history of the school and represents the innovative futuristic competition. We were then able to carry this graphical element throughout our entire brand identity.

We wanted the website to standout from the traditional Oxford website so we decided to go the illustration route and add in a tertiary colour to contrast with bold typography. From there we went on to create catchy copywriting, social assets, print collateral and the website itself. By using bold typography, colours and snappy copywriting, we were able to create an exciting brand to represent this competition.